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Meet ‘The Old Fashioned’

Bartender Capacity: 1-3

Our flagship bar is a classy dame, we’re sure you’ll agree. Lovingly crafted from white oak, vintage brass accents and genuine leather, she’d be right at home in the VIP section of any bar or club in the land. So why not make her the first name on your guest list? The Old Fashioned is perfect for medium-to-large events, and she’s equally at home indoors or outside: wherever the good times are rollin’!

“As our very first bar and flagship of the fleet, we knew The Old Fashioned had to be special. We wanted to create a statement bar that would really knock the socks off your guests. That’s why we invested such a great deal of care and attention into every aspect of her creation, down to the very finest detail. Fortunately we were able to draw on a wealth of experience developing bar interiors for some of New York’s finest establishments to inform the build.”

– Dwayne, TOFCC Founder

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Say Hello To Little Tommy Gun

Bartender Capacity: 1-2

Don’t let his size fool you – there’s always plenty in the barrel when Little Tommy Gun is around. We’re talkin’ beers, wines and even cocktails on draft! A meticulously converted Piaggio Ape truck, Little Tommy Gun doesn’t throw lead, but he’s fully loaded with all kinda shots. LTG is equally at home alongside his big sister, The Old Fashioned, at larger events, or handling smaller/indoor parties on his own.

“The idea behind Little Tommy Gun was to create a bar that would perfectly complement The Old Fashioned, but also be able to stand on his own three wheels. So Tommy’s a bit of a contrast in terms of his color scheme and service functionality – draft drinks are his speciality. But he can still serve up cocktails with the best of them, pre-mixed by our own fair hands.”

– Dwayne, TOFCC Founder

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