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Hard Liquor. Easy Parties.

What do we do?

For years, if you wanted to party in New York you had to know where to look. Or at least who to ask. Whispered passwords led to secret doorways, hidden back rooms and basements full of smoke and bootlegged booze.

And sure, these joints were fun – but really, who needs the hassle? Wouldn’t it be better if the party came to you?

That’s where we come in.

Inspired by classic cocktails and lavish prohibition-era parties, we flip the speakeasy concept on its head and bring the best of New York bar culture to your event. Beyond mixing spiffy drinks, we offer all the hallmarks of an authentic city joint, minus four walls and a zip code. Expect a warm reception, good humor and just a dash of showmanship. You and your guests will feel like you’ve been regulars at our place for years.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create experiences people will savor in the moment and remember forever. In other words, we want to make sure everybody has a stinkin’ good time! As the host, that means you in particular. So whatever else you might regret the morning after your party, we guarantee it won’t be hiring us.


Who's the boss?

Our founder, Dwayne, was drawn to New York from his native Ireland (via Wales) like a bartending moth to a flame. The Old Fashioned Cocktail Company is a product of his considerable industry expertise, passion and a natural inclination toward lifting spirits.

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