Smokin’ drinks
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Mobile Cocktail Bar in New York

The speakeasy that finds you

For years, if you wanted to party in New York you had to know where to look. Or at least who to ask. Whispered passwords led to secret doorways, hidden back rooms and basements full of smoke and bootlegged booze.

And sure, these joints were fun – but really, who needs the hassle? Wouldn’t it be better if the party came to you?

That’s where we come in. We’ll bring all the theater and razzle-dazzle of a big city blowout right to your party, wedding or corporate event. Our slick, professional bartenders will show up to your chosen location, assemble an authentic mobile cocktail bar and shake a whole bunch of hotsy-totsy cocktails guaranteed to take you and your guests right back to the good times.

Let’s go ahead and make yours a classic…

What's your event?

If you’re planning a birthday bash, a corporate shindig or even getting hitched, we’ll keep drinks in hands and smiles on faces. Find out more about how we make all kinds of events a roaring success.

Party Packages

Looking for glamour on a grand scale, or a more intimate affair? Either way, we’ve got something that will suit. Take a look at our tailored party packages and choose the perfect fit for you.

Meet ‘The Old Fashioned’

Our flagship bar is a classy dame, we’re sure you’ll agree. Lovingly crafted from white oak, vintage brass accents and genuine leather, she’d be right at home in the VIP section of any bar or club in the land. So why not make her the first name on your guest list?

Make yours a classic

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